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Species conservation project

What is Save Natura?

Save Natura is a species conservation initiative that has set itself the goal of promoting endangered species in agriculture. The focus here lies particularly on the structurally rich areas of wine-growing regions. The wine landscape not only has an important cultural history and characterises large parts of Germany, but also provides a habitat for a large number of adapted species. For this reason, we have a responsibility to make viticulture ecologically sustainable.

As part of our initiative, agricultural land is used specifically for species conservation. By supporting sponsorships for 11 selected target species, we are implementing conservation measures on the vineyards of our Fair and Green members. Our mission is to increase the populations of target species and thereby preserve natural diversity in agricultural systems.

Why the initiative?

The extinction rates of animal and plant species are currently higher than they have been for over 60 million years. The enormous loss of species is causing natural ecosystems to lose their ecological balance, leading to their degradation and the reduction of basic ecosystem services. In the course of intensified land use and in view of the distribution of agricultural land of over 50 % in Germany and over a third of the global land area, agriculture is becoming increasingly important for the protection of flora and fauna.


Save Natura is committed to the protection of endangered species and the promotion of biodiversity in wine-growing regions. Winegrowersplay a key role by designing their areas for species conservation. Other partnersin the wine industry can also take part. Citizens and interested parties are cordially invited to participate in the maintenance and installation of protective elements.

Along the way, Save Natura‘s declared aim is to educate and train people about local species conservation and the importance of biodiversity in viticulture.

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