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CARLO Wine Award

About the award

The sustainable wine award
that protects endangered species

The CARLO Wine Award was named for Hans Carl von Carlowitz, the creator of the term sustainability.

In 1713, Hans Carl von Carlowitz (1645 – 1714) formulated for the first time in his work “Sylvicultura oeconomica” in the face of an impending shortage of wood and exploitation of the forests that only as much wood should be felled as can be regrown through planned reforestation . In doing so, he laid the foundations for German forestry and the principle of sustainable use of raw materials.

The international wine competition CARLO Wine Award honours outstanding achievements in sustainable wine production. The award combines various wines with sustainability attributes. Wines that can be submitted for the award range from historical grape varieties and cultivation methods to new grape varieties (so-called PIWIs) to classic and non-alcoholic wines.

The Carlo Wine Award is organised on a non-profit basis,
with all proceeds going directly to species conservation projects. The prize is awarded by Fair and Green.


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The jury

Get to know our jury, which is made up of experts and renowned personalities from the wine industry

Categories of the
CARLO Wine Award

Grape varieties that were mentioned in writing before 1870 and are currently cultivated on less than 2000 hectares worldwide.

Wines from sustainable or sustainable-ecological production (e.g. Riesling, Silvaner, Cabernet Sauvignon etc.)

Grape varieties with officially recognised resistance characteristics

Wines that have an alcohol content of up to max. 0.5%.

The wine award
for species conservation

All proceeds from the CARLO Wine Awards go directly to species conservation. The Save Natura initiative was founded for this purpose, based on the many years of experience of Fair and Green e. V. in the context of the AmBiTo biodiversity project with its numerous species conservation initiatives, which are committed to the protection of endangered species (Red List of endangered species). These are species that occur in wine-growing regions, such as the hoopoe, wheatear and little owl.


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